Supporting Sensitive Students; Managing School Refusal

With more than thirty years professional experience, as both an educator and school-refusal expert, Jo helps schools to create meaningful and sustainable approaches to supporting sensitive and anxious young people, many of whom struggle to attend school.

Jo helps school staff to:
  • understand the factors driving school refusal, 
  • develop down-to-earth and compassionate strategies to support school attendance and engagement, 
  • create safe spaces for those who are struggling to feel safe in the classroom,
  • engage and re-engage students who are reluctant to be at school,
  • build workable pathways for educational success for students who have extensive absenteeism. 
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Onsite evaluation of the current spaces of
support around your
school. Includes an exploration of the library and other key  community spaces


Staff consultation and
mindful professional learning to support a
clear and practical vision which will
assist staff and
support students.


Creation of a step-by-step action plan with key players to enable your school journey towards the development of a
dynamic and useful

Meeting your needs with Positive Schools consultancy

All of our consultancy work employs a grounded, appreciative approach to systemic development in classrooms and schools; embedded in the philosophy and practice of creating contextual wellbeing. What this means for you. We understand that change and development require staff engagement and support; and we ensure that we garner staff enthusiasm for every step of our journey with you. We appreciate that your classroom and school context is unique, this means we work to support appreciative change and development with reference to your specific needs. We believe that well schools are systemically healthy. As such we believe that the best approach to supporting wellbeing in schools, is to create thriving school communities and contexts. We look forward to hearing from you The Positive Schools Team!!!

Please contact us if would like more information about how to effectively address School Refusal


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